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"Guizhou Procuratorate" WeChat public account announced on December 4 that the first instance of the Intermediate People's Court of Anshun City, Guizhou Province held a public hearing of the case of Pan Zhili, the former secretary of the Dushan County Party Committee, on suspicion of bribery and abuse of power.

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The so-called "Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019" was submitted to the U.S. Senate on January 17, 2019 by a well-known anti-China congressman in the United States, Marco Rubio, passed in the Senate on September 11, and passed in the House of Representatives on December 3, and its content targets China. Xinjiang's vocational skills education and training centers, ethnic and religious topics are hyped, and most of the "investigation results cases" mentioned are vague and vague.⊙々In September 2015, he served as a member of the Working Committee of the Provincial Organs;⊥A reporter from the Beijing News arrived at the scene of the mountain fire in Lingyun Mountain at 21:00 on December 6. In the Yingxiang Ecological Park in the south of Lingyun Mountain, he saw that the fire on the top of the mountain was clear and there was gray-white smoke. There was a choking smell of burnt smell at the scene of the wildfire, and the on-site staff were required to wear masks to work. At the scene of the fire on the west line at 22:00, the smoke was thicker, making it hard to breathe. Open flames can still be seen everywhere at the scene. Firefighters are backing fans, holding nozzles, and using wind-powered fire extinguishers to suppress open flames on trees and grass on the ground.pCs9yT4

Citizens can choose various online and offline channels to complete paymentKDhnmIf the information does not need to be modified, the 2020 annual information can overwrite the original information, and then click "one-click confirmation"; if the information has changed, you need to select the modification rates vnd to usd【Mata Tak】

In October 2016, Liu Xuexin, then director of the Ninth Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Office of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, was transferred to the Standing Committee of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection. Subsequently, according to news in February 2017, Pu Yufei has served as the director of the Ninth Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.A: I have noticed that France, Brazil and Argentina have all responded to this. I have also noticed that the US "tariff machine gun" fire has caused the global financial market to be turbulent again, and both European and American stock markets have suffered the largest decline in two months.№(2) Give play to the role of medical insurance in guiding drug prices. Deepen the reform of the centralized drug procurement system with volume, adhere to the direction of "purchasing with volume, linking volume and price, and integrating recruitment and procurement", so that drug prices return to a reasonable level. Explore and implement the formulation and dynamic adjustment of payment standards for medical insurance drugs by generic names. Improve an open and transparent negotiation mechanism for access to the medical insurance drug catalog. Improve the management of agreements with designated institutions, strengthen the price supervision and information disclosure of drugs paid by medical insurance funds, and positively guide the market price order.∏wCfBj5

@ Beijing Xingquan Law Firm released a case report on Weibo on the 4th, saying that on the same day, a Taiwanese actress sued an online user Huang Moumei's reputation dispute case and won the first instance.☆It is worth noting that it is not the first time that the United Kingdom has carried out such "little actions" in the waters surrounding China. In August last year, another British transport dock ship had trespassed into the territorial waters of China's Xisha Islands without authorization. Later, the Chinese military identified it and warned it to leave.≌【bar less】52R7

Original title: Hong Kong media: 4 warehouses in Yuen Long were set on fire, and property lost more than 700,000 yuan∑Yxci2R4o

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