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Our generation has all experienced pre-return, post-return, and we have strong contrasts. Let me tell you that in the first year of our return, our budget was only 13 billion yuan. This year, what we approved to the government was 103.3 billion yuan when I was the chairman of the Legislative Council. What is this financial expenditure for? The most important thing is to use it for our welfare. We do not have a stable society and a good system of "one country, two systems". We cannot do this. How can we practice our "one country, two systems" well in the future?

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Statistics from the State Administration of Taxation show that in the first three quarters, the individual income tax reform added 442.6 billion yuan in tax cuts, with a cumulative per capita tax reduction of 1,764 yuan, benefiting 250 million taxpayers.⊙々Moderator: A very important value chain in the specific application of our financial technology is that KYC is to understand the needs of customers through various data and information collection to accurately locate marketing services, the other side of the primary coin, personal digital assets or personal Regarding the issue of information protection, we have seen that Europe has introduced very strict laws, and China is also considering it. But for this issue, I think everyone who is currently practicing in this field of financial technology needs to consider it. How to balance this problem, how to take into account the protection of compliant personal information rights and interests while meeting this business requirement KYC.⊥Reporter: How to deeply understand the significance of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee? How to understand the relationship between doing a good job of veterans and advancing the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity?L0ShACs

In response to these "concerns," the Chinese government has published seven white papers on Xinjiang since 2015, three of which were released this year. The white papers are "Counter-terrorism, De-radicalization and Human Rights Protection in Xinjiang" (issued on March 18), "Several Historical Issues in Xinjiang" (issued on July 21), and "Vocational Skills Education and Training Work in Xinjiang". (Posted on August 16).KhM38Analysts pointed out that various data show that China's trade structure is improving. In the first 11 months, the EU, ASEAN and the United States were my country's top three trading partners, and the total foreign trade value increased by 7.7%, 12.7% and decreased by 11.1% respectively.binance pro for ios【Lei Tang】

Zhao Kezhi emphasized that the central government and the Ministry of Public Security will always be the strong backing of the Hong Kong Police Force and will continue to firmly support the Hong Kong Police Force in strictly enforcing the law. It is hoped that the Hong Kong Police Force and the mainland public security organs will strengthen cooperation and cooperation, deepen exchanges and cooperation, and jointly safeguard national security and social stability in Hong Kong.After watching the ceremony, Deng Bingqiang said in an interview with the media that this was the first time he watched the flag-raising ceremony up close in Tiananmen Square. He was very excited and felt the strength of the country, which further strengthened the Hong Kong Police Force's confidence and determination to strictly enforce the law.№Fully consider the travel needs of workers during the construction period∏C8E4sp1g

According to the "Belt and Road" Lawyers Alliance Charter, the "Belt and Road" Lawyers Alliance is initiated by the All-China Lawyers Association, and is a non-governmental, A non-profit international professional organization. The purpose of the alliance is: to promote exchanges and cooperation among lawyers and lawyer organizations in countries and regions related to the "Belt and Road", to promote the development of foreign-related legal services, to provide high-quality and efficient legal service support for the "Belt and Road" construction, and to comply with the place of registration. national constitution, laws, regulations and national policies. The headquarters and secretariat of the alliance are located in Beijing, and the official languages of the alliance are Chinese and English.☆According to the traffic and transportation management measures during the construction period of the Rongdong area, during the construction period, commuter buses, construction area shuttle vehicles, material vehicles, engineering command vehicles, etc., can directly enter the construction area through registration. Visitors, business travel vehicles, and commuter cars for builders must transfer to the construction area at the CEC to enter the construction area.≌【trick stick】dHZl3b9

In addition to the action to expand the coverage of work-related injury insurance, starting from 2020, my country will also carry out a three-year special campaign for work-related injury prevention in key pneumoconiosis industries such as coal mines, non-coal mines, metallurgy, and building materials to reduce the incidence of work-related injuries.∑hwFkzjtK

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