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The article said that China's economy is in a rebalancing mode from a high-investment model to a consumption-dependent one. China has actively promoted relying on multiple industries to drive growth, rather than putting all its eggs in one basket. These factors, combined with the policy choices made to ensure higher productivity, have prepared China to continue its march toward a middle-income country.

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Deliberation of important documents is one of the key focuses of the Politburo meeting. Of the 28 Politburo meetings, 22 involved the deliberation or discussion of relevant documents.⊙々In response, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told CCTV reporters at a regular press conference today (4th): "I don't know what everyone thinks of those congressmen in the United States. They have never come to China to see them. After visiting Xinjiang, how can they represent the 1.4 billion Chinese people, or 25 million people in Xinjiang, to make groundless accusations and remarks that are completely untrue and confound right and wrong about the situation in Xinjiang? Too self-righteous and arrogant.⊥"In the beginning, I was also in awe and focused on integrity and self-discipline. As my tenure became longer, my relationship with some bosses and subordinates became closer. They gave me gift cards and valuables during New Years and holidays. I also began to Accepted, I think it is a normal human relationship, no big deal." Zhuge Huiyan wrote in the confession, "New Year's greetings" became a way that both she and the "hunters" felt suitable. Compared with the power and money transactions on weekdays, in the name of the year, the "hunters" can cover up the embarrassment of speculative drilling, and the subordinates can put down their worries. Under this pretext, every Spring Festival that Zhuge Huiyan has spent has been very lively since she took the leadership position in 1997.G8488Ued

Cosmetics are just a microcosm of the local retail industry in Hong Kong. Due to the uncertain external economic environment and frequent local violent incidents, total retail sales in Hong Kong have fallen for nine consecutive months since the beginning of this year. Xie Qiu Anyi, chairman of the Hong Kong Retail Management Association, predicts that the total retail sales will fall by double digits throughout the year, and the decline will continue next year. As for when the decline will stop, it will depend on when the society will calm down the violence and when consumer sentiment will pick up.d2rlBB[Knowledge point 28] The Internet justice of Chinese courts has achieved such fruitful results. What is the future prospect and what new development will there be?usdt eth change【Shun Yi】

Many developers have launched early "covering disk" products. Taking a real estate near Yihezhuang Metro in Daxing District as an example, a reporter from China Securities Journal found that the real estate recently launched a number of small two-bedroom apartments located in the "louwang" location, and the price was also made by developers to be lower than 3.74 million "ordinary housing" model. The developer has also dealt with "special rooms" for the listings with poor floors and poor orientation. During the "Golden Nine and Silver Ten" period, the sales staff of the real estate unanimously stated that the two-bedroom units have been sold out, leaving only two-bedroom units priced at 4.2 million yuan, and all residences are "non-ordinary residences".Every year, stroke by stroke, these 10,664 names are redrawn№Analyzing and studying the economic situation and deploying economic work is another key topic of concern at the Politburo meeting. Of the 28 Politburo meetings, 7 involved analysis of the economic situation.∏afATR5be

Earlier, on the afternoon of December 3, China National Petroleum Corporation announced that the board of directors announced that Liu Hongbin had submitted his resignation and resigned as a director due to job adjustment. The aforementioned resignation is effective immediately. Liu Hongbin will also step down as a member of the Investment and Development Committee of the Board of Directors.☆Original title: Hong Kong Police Commissioner Deng Bingqiang will go to Beijing tomorrow for a courtesy visit after taking office≌【lie down】7k7P

△Zijincao volunteers redraw the names on the wall of the Nanjing Massacre Victims List △Zijincao Volunteers rewrite the names on the wall of the Nanjing Massacre Victims List∑8jfxnshh

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