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Original title: "The U.S. 'Long Arm Jurisdiction' Tries to Disrupt Hong Kong and Control China" - Interview with Deng Fei, Director of the National Association for Hong Kong and Macau Studies

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On November 26, a reporter from the Beijing News visited the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, which was occupied by violent protesters. The reporter found at the scene that the sanitation situation on the campus was worrying, the mess in the cafeteria was left unfinished, and maggots had grown in some areas, which was very different from the clean and tidy university campus before. In the early morning of the 25th, when two violent protesters left the PolyU, they developed symptoms of diarrhea and depression. During the interview, the reporter was affected by the bad smell and environment of the cafeteria and retched.⊙々Beijing News Express According to the news from the General Office of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government on November 26, the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government issued the "Jiangsu Province Rental Housing Public Security Management Regulations".⊥As an important document that sets goals and points the direction for the long-term development of the national economy, each "Five-Year Plan" has a profound impact on China's economy and society. How did such a heavy plan come about?4aP91

Bear in mind the political responsibility, take loyalty to the party, share the worries for the party, and perform duties for the party as the most fundamental political responsibility;J8xWzvUhAt the same time, its competitiveness in the international market has been continuously improved, and the proportion of civilian ship exports has remained above 80%, which has made positive contributions to the development of the national economy and society and the prosperity of the global maritime industry.btc price october 2020【bold】

The "Opinions" pointed out that it is necessary to "promote the formation of the 'separation of three rights' in rural land, stabilize the contracting rights, safeguard the rights and interests of workers and peasants in contracting, and relax the management rights." Effective use of land is realized through subcontracting, land transfer, etc. It is also conducive to large-scale operation. At present, there are many large producers and large grain farmers in our country, and large-scale operations have been achieved to a certain extent. In the future, The area of large-scale operations may continue to expand. Relatively speaking, moderately large-scale operations will have higher production efficiency and better meet the needs of modern agriculture.”The assassination of Hong Kong Legislative Councillor Ho Kwan-yao in Tuen Mun a few days ago has attracted the attention of Chinese people around the world and is a landmark event in the history of Hong Kong. It marks that the "black terror" of chaotic Hong Kong and anti-China has risen from blaspheming civilization and slandering the legal system to trampling on morality and exterminating humanity; and then from destroying property and chasing innocent people to attacking state agencies in Hong Kong and killing political dissidents. The Prime Minister of Singapore mentioned Hong Kong four times this year, and the last time he said bluntly, "The five demands of the radical forces are actually to bring down the government."№The decision on market prohibition describes the process of the parties manipulating the price of "Kingli Huadian", which uses various means to manipulate and affect the transaction price and trading volume of Jinli Huadian.∏xEiy

On the other hand, improve the long-term mechanism for law enforcement and increase the intensity of law enforcement. Strengthen the law enforcement control of key areas, key industries, and key issues, and make some units with weak classification work as the focus of law enforcement supervision.☆Focus on the "key minority" and speed up risk management≌【meteorite】vKQxY8

According to public information, he worked in the Fifth Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and the Office of the Central Political and Legal Committee in his early years, and served as the director of the Political and Legal Team Construction Guidance Office of the Central Political and Legal Committee and the deputy director of the National Political and Legal Comprehensive Management Leading Cadre Training Center.∑6pwA4

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