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On September 27, the 14th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress passed the "Decision on Several Issues Concerning the Newly Established Longgang City People's Congress", and decided to establish a preparatory group for the first Longgang City People's Congress. Responsible for the preparations for the First People's Congress of Longgang City, and convene the first meeting of the First People's Congress of Longgang City.

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5G is a common innovation of the international community. For some time, some Western countries have artificially introduced political factors into 5G development, utilization and cooperation, and even politicized relevant issues and adopted discriminatory practices, which are not only detrimental to the development of 5G, but also go against the principle of fair competition and are inconsistent with the international community. common interests.⊙々Original title: Under the "black threat", Hong Kong people "use their votes to tell them that they can't do whatever they want"⊥Source: Hong Kong "East Network" Source: Hong Kong "East Network"ADQoN

Original title: Wang Sicong's "creditor" talks about applying for a consumption restriction order: he doesn't care about the money, and hopes to return it to the anchor1ZGvWeLou Yangsheng briefly analyzed the safety production situation in Shanxi Province, and pointed out that in recent years, the safety production situation in Shanxi Province has been generally stable, but since this year, many major accidents have occurred in some areas and places, especially the two acres of Pingyao Fengyan Coal and Coke Group. The "11.18" major gas explosion accident at the Gou Coal Mine resulted in the unfortunate death of 15 people, breaking the good situation of no major safety production accidents in Shanxi Province for 34 consecutive months. The nature was very bad and the impact was extremely bad. Lou Yangsheng made an in-depth analysis of the causes of major accidents in Shanxi Province's coal mines, metal and non-metal mines, metallurgical industry and trade, sewage treatment, construction, road traffic, falls from heights, restaurants, forest fires and other fields this year. It is pointed out that the main reasons are weak awareness of safety production, poor implementation of responsibilities, lax accountability, weak basic management, and chaotic on-site management, which must be solved by taking targeted to exchange usdt on binance【strong】

upside-down limitFCC lists Huawei and ZTE as 'national security risks'№It has not been a day for the opposition to intervene in Hong Kong affairs in tandem with foreign forces. On October 26, Lord Alton (David Alton), a member of the British House of Lords, wrote to Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom, citing He Junyao's "inappropriate behavior" in calling violent protesters in Hong Kong "cockroaches" and urging the school to take action , Two days later, the school made a decision to revoke He Junyao's honorary doctorate degree from the school. On November 23, the Lord Alton posted on social media that he was invited by Hong Kong pro-democracy groups to "monitor" district council elections in Hong Kong. The British politician who came to provoke He Junyao was a member of the so-called "monitoring team". Their sinister intentions are obvious.∏lrPiwo

Qu Zhenhong said that some cities' neighborhood committees, streets and other units have done a better job of helping, but in smaller counties and rural areas, there are some deficiencies. For example, Jin Zhehong, after he was acquitted and released from prison, once reported the difficulties in his life to the streets of the city where he lived, and the streets also provided some assistance; but Liu Zhonglin's household registration was in the countryside, and he received no help after his acquittal. help.☆Lou Yangsheng emphasized that it is necessary to tackle the root causes, establish a dual preventive work mechanism for risk classification management and control, and hidden danger investigation and management, so as to control risks before hidden dangers and eliminate hidden dangers before accidents; standardization should be used as an enterprise to strengthen safety, production, technology, and on-site It is an important means of management and implementation of supervision and management, strengthens the safety and standardized management of the job site, comprehensively improves the ability and quality of employees, deeply implements technology to strengthen safety, and strives to build an intrinsically safe enterprise.≌【also】QpfW

Is reality really so cruel? Yang Lan (pseudonym) from a local college in Qingyang, Gansu Province shared his experience.∑q9Hvjegy

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