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[Global Times special correspondent in Taipei Yu Lu] There is only one month left until Taiwan's 2020 "presidential election", but the candidates' televised debates are still unresolved. Although Zhongtian TV has expressed a strong willingness to fight for the host, the Kuomintang candidate Han Guoyu and the People's First Party candidate James Soong also agreed to participate, but the DPP's Tsai Ing-wen has been slow to nod, and designated the pro-green Sanli TV station to host, triggering The island strongly doubted.

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Alex: I think living in Hong Kong has a lot of freedom, but now these freedoms are being taken away. Because of these demonstrations, traffic was affected, and I lost the freedom I had. Before the demonstration, I went wherever I wanted.⊙々The second reason is that some polling agencies get benefits or are instructed to make results that cater to the parties as long as they do some tricks on questions, sampling or statistics.⊥LianyunganggNh0

Near the end of the year, Macau is filled with a strong festive atmosphere. In this city full of fireworks, popular songs familiar to young mainlanders can be heard everywhere. This made the Global Times reporter feel that he suddenly came to an international mainland city. In the past 20 years, Macau has undergone tremendous changes. Recalling the days before and after the handover in 1999, Ho Hau Wah, the first Chief Executive of the Macau Special Administrative Region, sighed to the Global Times and other media: "Without the strong support of the central government and central policies and the efforts of hundreds of thousands of people in Macau, we would not be where we are today. During the 7-day visit to Macau, the Global Times reporter interviewed Ho Hau Wah, the current Chief Executive Chui Sai On and the Chief Executive-designate Ho Iat Seng, and listened to them about how Macau practiced love for the country and Macau. He Yicheng emphasized that loving the country and Macao is not something that can be done in one day, but is something to be done every day. It is necessary to gradually educate students, deepen their understanding of the country, and cultivate a sense of national identity.eeNUsCorresponding author Pei Gang also responded today, saying, "I am the person in charge of this article. I apologize for this serious mistake and the trouble it may have caused, thank you very much."managed code dotnet【stealing】

The protection scope of Qin Xianyang city ruins and the illegal construction in the construction control zone. From 2010 to 2016, the relevant departments of Qinhan New City approved the construction project in the protection scope and construction control zone of Qin Xianyang City without the approval of the cultural relics department in accordance with the law.China Taiwan Net reporter:№It is mentioned in Article 13 that qualified cross-strait youth employment and entrepreneurship bases and demonstration sites apply for national-level technology business incubators, university science and technology parks, and national filing maker spaces. What preferential policies will they enjoy after successful application? thanks.∏kN4psIP

1996.06-1998.11 Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the Hulun Buir League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Director of the League National Children's Palace☆What is non-market economic behavior? It is non-market economic behavior to block companies and products from other countries under the pretext of national security. What is distorted trade? Raising tariffs without compromising WTO rules and their own commitments distorts trade.≌【cowardly】d0vnq7X

Caroles Perez believes that the restraint and calmness shown by the Hong Kong police are very commendable, and such behavior helps defend the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity. She pointed out that supporting violent street protests, taking pictures of distorted facts and going to international organizations to seek solidarity, what happened in Hong Kong is a "copy and paste" of what the United States has implemented in other countries.∑kQWoo

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