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Beijing News Express According to the news from the General Office of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government on November 26, the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government issued the "Jiangsu Province Rental Housing Public Security Management Regulations".

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When protectionism is on the rise, how can China and the EU "build bridges" instead of "build walls" to further strengthen cooperation? Can the China-EU investment agreement be reached as soon as possible? Can the two sides work more closely in WTO reform?⊙々All these changes are not unrelated to supply-side structural reforms. Data show that from 2016 to the end of 2018, the coal industry has resolved a total of 810 million tons of excess coal capacity, and this number will continue to grow this year.⊥Original title: Heilongjiang Provincial Government General Office Inspection Team: Xuexiang’s opening of the park is not in place, and preparations are rushedNI0PKp

"Factually speaking, the current problem in rural transportation is that there are still more than 30% of rural roads with a pavement width of less than 5 meters. This is extremely incompatible with the development of integrated industries such as rural tourism, the development of agricultural modernization and mechanization, and the upgrading needs of rural farmers. We Next year, we will strive to introduce a new plan. According to the standards that have been issued by the state, the expansion that can be expanded can not be expanded. According to the standard requirements, build a wrong-vehicle port every 300 meters, with signs and markings to ensure driving safety, and strive to pass the road. The narrow problem is solved." Meng Qiao said.XWiSsOn the 22nd, the case was heard in the Hong Kong High Court on the resolution and costs. Senior counsel Yu Ruohai, who represented the government, asked the court to temporarily suspend the decision to rule that the "Ban Mask Law" is unconstitutional. The High Court declared the "No Face Covering Act" and the "Emergency Act" unconstitutional and the "No Face Covering Act" was invalid, but at the same time approved the "No Face Covering Act" to remain in force until November 29 for a short time before the outcome of the appeal of the Court of Final Appeal .bitcoin price usd peak【flash】

As another key work in Beijing's road parking reform next year, Beijing will further strengthen law enforcement. On the one hand, we will resolutely crack down on illegal toll charges. After the parking reform, all forms of on-site toll charges will be abolished. Once discovered, illegal toll charges will be severely cracked down and resolutely banned. When parking people encounter black charges, they should resolutely refuse and report them in time. It will also strengthen the reminder mechanism and punishment for those who default on paying parking fees, and explore the use of a credit management system and a joint punishment mechanism to regulate the behavior of parking people.It is reported that in the first three quarters of this year, Germany's electronic product exports totaled 160.4 billion euros, an increase of 3.2%. In September this year, German electronics exports to euro zone countries fell by 2% to 5.6 billion euros. However, German exports to some smaller European economies, such as Estonia, recorded sharp increases.№Video-Dissatisfied Korean idols like Hong Kong thugs, Chinese fans close the post: it starts with little love and ends with big love∏gMur

To deepen the reform of the educational supervision system in the new era, we must closely focus on ensuring the priority development of education and implementing the fundamental task of building morality and cultivating people, with optimizing the management system, improving the operating mechanism, and strengthening the application of results as breakthroughs, and continuously improve the quality and level of educational supervision. Class subjects earnestly perform their educational responsibilities.☆Blood on the scene (Source: Hong Kong "East Network") Blood on the scene (Source: Hong Kong "East Network")≌【thousands】hql5AscF

Original title: Ugly reappearance! Rioters harass Hong Kong PolyU at night∑rxY4u3

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