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According to reports, the new factory with an investment of 4.5 billion yen (about 292 million yuan) will produce cooking appliances such as microwave ovens, rice cookers and kettles from September 2021. According to the plan, it will achieve full-load operation after one year, and it is expected to achieve an annual operating income of 2 billion yuan. The new company in charge of factory operations will also have planning and development functions to create products that cater to the preferences of Chinese consumers.

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She believes that even if the social violence can be subsided, it will take time for the retail industry to regain prosperity and rebuild Hong Kong's international image, after all retailers were suffering losses.⊙々Right now, the Siji River, which is located in the south of Langao County, Ankang City, has entered a dry season, and the crystal-clear river water is slowly flowing downstream. In the past few years, Qiu Xingwei was a sand mining household who made a little money by mining and selling sand in the Four Seasons River. In 2017, after Shaanxi launched the river chief system, the local government issued an "iron order" to ban mining in the Four Seasons River, and Qiu Xingwei's identity also changed.⊥Original title: Breaking the curse of Wang Dingyu's highest vote? Xie Longjie: Hong Xiuzhu will create miracles7EvWZ

Daxing District will firmly grasp the construction opportunities of Beijing Daxing International Airport and Airport Economic Zone, serve the overall situation of the country's opening up, continue to optimize the hardware and software environment for international exchanges, continuously expand the breadth and depth of opening up, and enhance new advantages in international cooperation and competition. Deploy national cultural display and international exchange functions at important nodes along the south central axis and its extension lines and traffic corridors, and build a national gateway with the demeanor of a great country.LG2DQpLReporter: We have noticed that Australia's Financial Review published an article by famous Australian scholar Collen, criticizing Australia's recent "China threat theory" that has turned into "red fear paranoia", pointing out that Australia's current China-related debate has almost lost all rationality and rationality. It is seen as a way for Australia to please the United States. Zakaria, a well-known American scholar and media personality, also published "The New Sinophobia-Why the United States Should Not Panic About New Challenges? The article stated that China is currently a highly responsible country in the geopolitical and military fields, which is in huge contrast with the United States. Launching a Cold War against China will seriously drag on the US economy and benefit only the US military industry. Instead of isolating China at any cost, the West must accept China's greater role in the current international system. What's your opinion?huobi otc usdt cny【dance】

On December 9, the opposition tried to force the so-called "three strikes". The Facebook account "PolyU Campus Radio" posted a post on the 9th claiming that a reporter from a PolyU student was "cursely scolded" by Hong Kong citizens during the interview that day, and police officers arrived at the scene to mediate. A live video is attached.The Hong Kong police said that they strongly condemned the rioters' vandalism of the bus, and will go all out to pursue them. They also welcome Hong Kong citizens to provide reliable clues so that other rioters can be arrested and brought to justice as soon as possible.№In his speech, Bezos appeared to be deliberately beating Google, saying that big companies "can't ignore the Department of Defense or the country will be in trouble."∏lcUrKq

Why should the US support the anti-government movement in Hong Kong?☆In his speech, Bezos appeared to be deliberately beating Google, saying that big companies "can't ignore the Department of Defense or the country will be in trouble."≌【run away】nkiw

Original title: Ministry of Commerce: The economic and trade teams of China and the United States have maintained close communication∑Qrb7eN

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