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In addition to the official notification and the prosecution's accusations, there are many other "bad deeds" by Quan Wangjun. In 2018, the Xianyang Intermediate People's Court was about to auction the seized shares in a lawsuit over a corporate contract dispute. Quan Wangjun, then secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, instructed: "Please transfer to the Intermediate Court for proper handling." At that time, a leader of the Xianyang Intermediate Court confirmed that he had received a call from Quan Wangjun, suggesting that the auction would be stopped.

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2. Severe punishment restrictions. Enterprises with serious violations of laws and regulations shall be included in the "blacklist", and severe punishments and restrictions shall be imposed through measures such as stopping online signing, pre-sale, and qualification upgrade. For real estate development enterprises with violations of laws and regulations, especially unfinished business, overdue resettlement and other problems, the development and construction of new projects are prohibited until the relevant problems are rectified.⊙々Relevant units immediately shut down the surrounding water, gas and other pipelines, temporarily cut off the power supply facilities, and continuously and dynamically monitored the surrounding water, electricity, gas, communications and other facilities as well as houses, roads, and bridges to prevent secondary disasters. A special inspection was carried out on the North Avenue Viaduct.⊥The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has clearly pointed out in the statement: "National Endowment for Democracy", "American Democratic Association for International Affairs", "International Republican Institute", "Human Rights Watch", "Freedom House" and other non-governmental organizations (hereinafter referred to as NGOs) ) performed badly during the Hong Kong amendment bill turmoil. In fact, NGOs in the United States have played the role of operators in the turmoil of the amendment, providing one-stop services for the "pan-democrats" who are rushing in front of the stage, including planning, training, funding, material supply, and public opinion building. Next, Brother Li will take you to briefly sort out the despicable acts of these NGOs.0g2d

Original title: Sharp Reference | A group of people who embarrassed about the United States were "educated" by netizensWu2znN8iThe fundraising amount is filled in at will, and the property status is not reviewed. Recently, Shuidichou’s “sweeping buildings” in the hospital to guide patients to initiate fundraising has aroused widespread concern among netizens.usd to inr exchange rate axis bank【address】

Improve the effectiveness of risk prevention and controlSome people even ridiculed that the Taiwan authorities are paying "alternative protection fees" and "I am willing to be spineless."№Q: Is China open to allowing the family members and lawyers of two Canadian citizens to visit them, or to increase the number of consular visits by Canadian officials?∏EH0Pe3i

The game of great powers and the tricks of masters are like this. There is no fixed formula. They are always testing each other, and their tactics are adaptable, and there is no room for laxity.☆Twisted pillars fell≌【fake】Q1pyd

He pointed out that the new constitutional rule of law in the Macao Special Administrative Region is not to abolish the original laws of Macao and start everything from scratch, but to keep the original laws basically unchanged, make full use of the original legal resources, and give full play to the subjective initiative of "Macao people governing Macao". Positivity and creativity.∑T5nWym1U

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