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Source: China Government Network

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Third, the effect of the reform has gradually emerged. After 6 years of exploration and practice, the role of Internet justice in strengthening the convenience mechanism, improving trial efficiency, ensuring trial quality, solving enforcement problems, and serving the overall situation has become increasingly obvious, and has also been recognized by the general public.⊙々"Internet Justice in Chinese Courts" White Paper!⊥Second, in addition to the seven sections of the main text, including overall development, professional trial system, convenience and benefit mechanism, online litigation mechanism, intelligent application, judicial collaborative governance and adjudication rule system, the appendix also selects 10 representative and influential sections. The typical Internet judicial cases are attached with a QR code, and the original text of the judgment document can be obtained by scanning it.s0xMN

The original 985 and 211 universities have all entered the "Double First-Class" list. Among them, 3 non-985 universities entered the list of first-class universities: Zhengzhou University, Yunnan University, and Xinjiang University.kfRhlMpOriginal title: Guangzhou reproduced 4 square meters of ground collapse, officials said no casualtiesDecred miners【Zhi Yu】

Qualified medical institutions should, without excessively increasing the burden on medical staff, coordinate medical resources and open pediatric delayed outpatient clinics and night outpatient clinics to meet the medical service needs of children in peak periods.Original title: Why is Yibin New Airport named Wuliangye? Located in Wuliangye Village, Wuliangye Company has not invested№December 4th is National Constitution Day.∏bncusFj

Today, the fourth episode airs☆△ In order to cope with inspections, small trees without roots are planted on the roadside in Jiangxi (picture from China Economic Weekly) △ In order to cope with inspections, small trees without roots are planted on the roadside in Jiangxi (picture from China Economic Weekly)≌【Ye Jie】3BT9

Ma Ying-jeou satirized in his speech that Tsai Ing-wen said that Taiwan is the "head of the four little dragons". It is very curious. How could she dare to say such a thing, her face is not red, and she is not out of breath? Referring to the DPP's "energy policy", Ma Ying-jeou said that electricity is now about 2 yuan per hour, and the offshore wind power developed by Tsai Ing-wen once cost more than 5 yuan. As soon as the price rises, the household electricity bill may rise by 30% to 50%. He bluntly said, "Selecting Tsai Ing-wen is to prepare to increase electricity bills, don't joke with yourself."∑RoX14z

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