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After investigation, Wang Jianxun, as a party member and leading cadre, lost his ideals and beliefs, deviated from his original mission, and did not believe in Marxism and Leninism; Dingfeng violated the spirit of the eight central regulations, and accepted the arrangement of tourism activities in violation of regulations; he was indifferent to organizational concepts, promoted and adjusted cadres in violation of regulations, and went abroad without authorization. ) border tourism; the bottom line of discipline and law has fallen, using power for personal gain, taking advantage of the convenience of position, and engaging in power and money transactions.

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Li Qijun mentioned that data shows that only one-third of the villages in Beijing have sewage treatment facilities. How to solve the problem of sewage treatment in the remaining villages?⊙々Original title: Ugly reappearance! Rioters harass Hong Kong PolyU at night⊥At the invitation of the U.S. side, in July 2017, a Chinese expert group went to the U.S. to conduct an on-site assessment of the avian influenza epidemic prevention and control system and poultry meat supervision measures. In May 2018, China and the United States held consultations on this issue.4TxUysU

three1rqcOriginal title: Dong Liming: A stable and long-term land contract system is conducive to rural modernizationhow does helium backup work【still is】

Doubt 1Wenzhou, Jiaxing, Zhejiang legislates punishment for checking mobile phones while walking№Original title: Yuanwang rocket transport fleet arrived in Wenchang and returned to Hong Kong∏CWU82

(1) Carry out the registration of rental housing residential information, build a rental housing public security management information system, and collect and check rental housing residential information;☆From not knowing how to walk to being able to walk, from never knowing how to eat to eating by himself, dressing, washing, going to the toilet... These daily trivial matters, Du Fuguo can now do it by himself, and he has to follow the standard of a soldier.≌【Bafang】elHr

Deng Fei pointed out that many countries have been bullied by the "long-arm jurisdiction" of the United States. Now the United States has extended its claws to Hong Kong, a special economic zone in China, threatening not to recognize Hong Kong's unique economic status, and also trying to target individuals and sanction relevant officials. In an attempt to make SAR government officials, patriotic lawmakers and people have scruples, they dare not stand up and defend national interests in an upright manner. This is an extremely barbaric act of hegemony.∑YMysBYK

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