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Liu Liang: Giving back to the society on a higher platform

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"The source of these 'documents' is not yet clear, and the authenticity cannot be verified." Zheng Liang mentioned at the beginning of the report that the report only focused on the content reported by The New York Times from an academic point of view. "For a long time, China's ethnic and religious Policies, including counter-terrorism practices, are often misunderstood. One of the reasons for this is that these policies and measures usually exist in document languages, and related research is mainly concentrated in academia and various academic papers in the Chinese-speaking world. Therefore, it is difficult for the outside world to fully understand and disseminate.” Zheng Liang believes that the content of the “leak documents” reported by the New York Times itself provides a text that can be analyzed and researched, and it can be given to the media and society at the level of attention. This is a rare opportunity for public opinion to focus on and understand China's long-standing ethnic and religious policies and counter-terrorism practices. Unfortunately, these reports by Western media are often biased.⊙々Former ambassador MacNaughton said: "It seems to us that this is a normal request from a similar country with which we have an extradition treaty. The whole thing has happened and the Prime Minister has not been given any real warning or any information about potential real advice on consequences."⊥aging economy non-elderly economySBULSe9E

The task force will reportedly be led by senior officials from the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), enjoy greater intelligence sharing among the highest-level agencies, and provide the government with "strategic advice". According to Agence France-Presse, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told a news conference on the 2nd that the task force will involve all of Australia's top intelligence agencies "to undermine and deter anyone who tries to undermine our national interests", and the intelligence agencies will be able to work with Federal police coordinate "to identify, prosecute or deport foreign agents".WsflwFXinhua News Agency, Nanjing, December 3 (Reporter Zhao Jiulong) The reporter learned from the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on the 3rd that the penetration rate of harmless sanitary household toilets in rural areas in this province has reached 95%, and 189,000 natural villages. More than 260 towns and towns have implemented domestic waste classification pilot projects, and 46 counties have carried out pilot projects for rural domestic sewage treatment. More than 6,600 provincial-level beautiful and livable villages and 136 characteristic rural villages have been built, and the rural appearance has continued to improve.kusama relay chain【Qiao flesh】

According to Taiwan's "Today Weekly" report on December 2, according to TSMC's annual report, a total of 10.8 million wafers were shipped in 2018, including more than 10,000 chip products, 481 customers and 261 technologies. Such a complex production All in the same factory. In order to cope with a variety of products and machines, if only relying on human judgment, front-line personnel cannot be busy, so TSMC began to think about how to rely on intelligence to meet the complex production needs of customers in 2011.At about 9 o'clock in the evening of November 30, Yin Moudong, an employee of Hengnan County Xufeng Material Factory, and the excavator owner Li Mou organized personnel to steal AB materials without permission, and a soil collapse occurred. , Wang Moulong buried. Yin Moudong died on the spot, Wang Moulong was sent to Hengnan County People's Hospital, and died that night after the rescue failed.№(3) For an enterprise whose comprehensive performance evaluation is Class C, if the newly increased floor area of the enterprise that increases the floor area ratio or develops and constructs the underground space as the supporting facilities of the main building on the ground is held by the enterprise and used for its own production and operation, the land payable shall be collected. 50% of the price.∏aqa3

Original title: Liu Benliang, former director of Nanchong City Transportation Bureau, Sichuan Province, voluntarily surrendered☆Sixth, firmly grasp the inclusive nature of "one country, two systems", and create a social style of unity and harmony with a clear-cut stand. Macau society has a fine tradition of helping each other and helping each other. It has a community culture that brings everyone together. It emphasizes unity and re-negotiation. Good coordination has been formed between the government and citizens, between different sectors, and between different ethnic groups. mechanism. In particular, many patriotic and Macao-loving associations give full play to the role of communication bridges between citizens and the SAR government, often express their interests and appeals to the SAR government rationally, and cooperate with the SAR government to carry out policy publicity to the citizens, so as to promote mutual understanding and mutual support between the citizens and the SAR government. The stability and harmony of Macau society has played the role of lubricant.≌【plant pepper】bTZ4iE

The Sino-Russian eastern natural gas pipeline starts from Eastern Siberia, Russia, and enters Heihe, Heilongjiang Province from Blagoveshchensk, passing through nine provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of Heilongjiang, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Hebei, Tianjin, Shandong, Jiangsu and Shanghai, and will connect with China. The existing regional gas pipeline network is interconnected, and natural gas resources are stably supplied to the areas along the route.∑fENz1

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