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Just when Raab was angered by the Hong Kong "democracy" he once supported, his rival Monica Harding, the British Liberal Democrat candidate, was being rejected by some Hong Kongers who dreamed of British citizenship. People are called "heroes".

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Overseas Network, December 3. On December 1, about 200 masked black-clad thugs blocked roads and set fires in the vicinity of Nathan Road and Dundas Street in Mong Kok. During the dispersal period, the police found a painter on the body of a painter. Petrol bombs and two lighters. The painter was charged with one count of possession of an offensive weapon and was arraigned at Kowloon City Magistrates' Courts this morning. The defendant's bail application was refused.⊙々"As an employee, there is really no complaint, and the principal (Wang Sicong) is also very kind to the employee." On December 1, a former employee of the Panda Interactive Entertainment business said.⊥●Part of the comprehensive building of Baowan International E-commerce Logistics Port Project in Wangcheng District does not meet the design standardshvYuYIg

"I think I can be a good trumpeter, so why don't you challenge yourself to be a good commander!"HOUcAccording to the South China Morning Post, Monica Harding had said in her campaign manifesto that she would support BN(O) passport holders to obtain British citizenship.usdt crash【flicker negative】

Huang Ming emphasized that it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the great significance of doing a good job in safe production, which is the concentrated expression of the original mission of the Communists, the political responsibility to prevent and control major risks, and the inevitable requirement of the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. Adhere to the concept of safe development and the awareness of red lines, adhere to the full implementation of safety production responsibilities, adhere to the prevention as the priority and move forward, adhere to the strictest safety production system, adhere to the spirit of extreme responsibility, enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, and keep the soil responsible and responsible, Effectively undertake the political responsibility of doing a good job in safety production and preventing and resolving major safety risks.On the afternoon of December 3, He Junyao, a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from the Beijing Daily client. Previously, He Junyao was stabbed in the chest with a sharp blade by a murderer while standing at Paijie Station, causing a tragedy. In today's interview, he revealed that the injury is recovering well and showed the wound at the reporter's request. He also expressed his heartfelt thanks to the supporters for their concern.№Originally, this group of people was going to give a speech in the campus lecture hall of the Australian National University this afternoon, but the news that Brother Knife just saw shows that the school said that "for security reasons", the previous approval was temporarily revoked.∏6cyI

Original title: Hong Kong media: Hong Kong police arrested three more suspects in the Maanshan fire incident, but the culprit has not yet been arrested☆Recently, the China Press Network ( hosted by the State Press and Publication Administration has been officially launched. Recently, the China Press Network ( hosted by the State Press and Publication Administration has been officially launched.≌【training】tjXR1

Philippine Education Secretary Leonor Briones said on the same day that with the continuous development of friendly relations between the Philippines and China in recent years, more and more Filipino youths have realized the importance of learning Chinese. The upcoming cooperation project aims to improve the level of local Chinese teachers in the Philippines, which is very important for Chinese language teaching in the Philippines.∑Xvcnmi

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