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Original title: Zhang Hanrong, former vice president of Xi'an Jiaotong University, opens trial for bribery and abuse of power by state-owned company personnel

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Street (township) emergency management⊙々"China Times" said on the 24th that foreign media reports are quite exciting at first glance, but as long as a detailed inspection is carried out, it is not difficult to find that there are many doubts. First of all, for the sake of secrecy, the intelligence agencies are very segregated, and they operate in a single line, and horizontal crossover is the most taboo. "There is no intelligence agency in a country that will put the three different regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia under one intelligence agency. Be responsible. The mainland will not, how can it be possible for people in their 20s to participate in intelligence work in these three regions at the same time, and they know so many things, which completely violates the most basic ABC of intelligence work.”⊥Xinhua News Agency reporter2V5g1r

[Explanation] The turmoil in Hong Kong's revision of the bill has lasted for more than five months, and violent actions have continued to escalate. Ian Grenville Cross, a former Hong Kong prosecutor and British barrister who has lived in Hong Kong for nearly 40 years, could not help but stand up to condemn the atrocities. He published articles in multiple media, opposing violence, saying that violent demonstrators had declared war on the whole society, and they must be severely punished by the law.fA65oiAt around 9:30 p.m. local time on the 23rd, the Bangkok police received a report that a homicide occurred in an apartment in the brilliant district of Bangkok, and a Chinese man in his 50s was killed. The police immediately rushed to the scene to investigate.ethereum defi list【wild flash】

How to build the world's largest synthetic aperture radio telescope SKA? More than 330 scientists, engineers and managers came to Shanghai to exchange technical details."The smallpox vaccine has been administered for a lifetime, and humans have completely eliminated smallpox. Polio was eliminated after the polio virus vaccine formed an immune barrier." Gao Fu said, but so far humans have not found the "seven inches" of the influenza virus. It delivers a one-time fatal blow.№Original Title: Wang Yi Holds Talks with Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi∏MBrz2

In May 2018, he served as chief engineer of Jilin Provincial Civil Air Defense Office.☆During the investigation, Hao Peng presided over a symposium, and successively listened to reports on the production and operation, reform and development, technological innovation and party building of China Electronics and General Technology Group. It is necessary to study and implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party as an important political task, conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, and closely link the reform and development of enterprises and the actual construction of the party to promote the implementation of the spirit of the plenary session. It is necessary to adhere to the market-oriented direction to deepen reform, actively and steadily promote mixed ownership reform, strengthen and optimize state-owned capital, and accelerate the cultivation of world-class enterprises with global competitiveness. It is necessary to use innovation as the driving force to solidly promote high-quality development, target the urgently needed, weak and key areas of the country, strengthen technological innovation, management innovation, and institutional innovation, and firmly grasp key core technologies in their own hands. It is necessary to adhere to the leadership of the party, strengthen party building, improve the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics, continue to promote the in-depth integration of party building and business, conduct in-depth inspections and rectification, and promote comprehensive and strict party governance to develop in depth, so as to provide a strong political guarantee for the high-quality development of enterprises .≌【ground】FR0P6r

"Huawei's goal is not that you buy its mobile phone or tablet, but that the smart terminal products you use are all its own, because these products can communicate with each other and bring great convenience to life and work." TMT ( Technology, media and communications) industry analyst Tang Hao pointed out that Huawei's layout is very similar to Apple's, "The reason why Apple has so many fans, even when the product is considered to be insufficiently innovative, is still trusted by users is because of Apple's Smart hardware and software services build a complete ecosystem, and its full-scenario 'full product line' layout makes users accustomed to and rely on the services it provides."∑751ttnQ

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