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Among the 48 measures, in order to promote the introduction of domestic talents, the new area has continuously increased the service for domestic talents, implemented special bonus points for residence permits for all kinds of talents who work and live in the new area, shortened the period of "residence transfer", public welfare institutions. There are 8 aspects: recruiting fresh graduates to settle down, direct approval of the management committee for direct introduction and settlement of talents, direct introduction and settlement of talents in urgent need of key institutions, direct introduction and settlement of urgently needed skilled talents, direct introduction and settlement of high-level skilled talents, and recommendation and settlement of special talents. preferential policies.

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Original title: 100 days of inauguration of Lingang New Area: The beginning is a decisive battle, and the beginning is a sprint⊙々Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, November 27 (Reporter Xie Jiao) The reporter learned from China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Corporation that at 8:30 on November 27, 55,910 test trains departed from Guiyang North Station, marking the newly built Guiyang high-speed railway. The section from Yibin, Sichuan to Guiyang, Guizhou has entered the operational test phase.⊥Can such a United States be compared with China?vq3kgaF

It's not that you can transfer if you want to transfer. "Number porting to the Internet" is a bit difficult... With the implementation of number porting, some twists and turns have become a topic of discussion.Omp85EDOriginal title: 9 people from the Public Security Bureau of Suide County, Shaanxi Province were notified as the umbrella of the underworld, and 3 members of the party committee were listedmine gpu【Disaster Gu】

On the morning of November 27, a regular press conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council was held. The new spokesperson and deputy director of the Information Bureau, Zhu Fenglian, made an official appearance.[Gao Gao]: We noticed Wal-Mart's investment plan. Since the beginning of this year, in addition to Wal-Mart, a number of multinational retail companies have increased their investment in the Chinese mainland market. Adidas, Nike, and Lego have opened a number of new flagship stores in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities. Entering the Chinese mainland market for the first time, Lawson and others quickly opened stores in the northeast, northwest and third- and fourth-tier cities of China. On the whole, foreign-funded retail enterprises have accelerated the opening of stores in the Chinese market this year, showing the characteristics of many new entrants, many new flagship stores, and many new formats and models.№In electronics and IT fields such as smartphones and personal computers, Japan's product development capabilities have declined, the report said. And Chinese and Korean enterprises not only receive government support, but also have obvious advantages in investment capacity.∏Zpnqf5K7

On December 8, 2012, Tang Jun took a three-hour lunch time with Shi Yuzhu, chairman of Giant Network, for a price of 2.13 million yuan. Before that, he had been to the Giant Building many times in order to meet his "spiritual idol" Shi Yuzhu, but he could not do so, and he had written letters many times, but there was no news.☆Highlight the core leading and radiating role of the new city in the green development of the whole district, strengthen the leading functions such as administrative office, business services, technological innovation, cultural tourism experience, etc., improve the level of people's livelihood security and public service supply, and improve the level of urban management.≌【bright testicles】IRs4

Original Title: "American Politics" Hypocrisy and Callousness (The Bells)∑ARpHJPy

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