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On the 29th, the Hong Kong police lifted the closure of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and reopened the closed roads nearby, announcing the official end of the 13-day containment. At the subsequent press conference, the police announced a shocking set of data from the PolyU operation. During the operation, the police seized 3,989 petrol bombs and 1,339 pieces of compressed gas, of which 100 had been tied to petrol bombs and 601 chemicals were seized. 573 offensive weapons, including hammers, bows and arrows, large throwers and air guns, plus the gasoline bombs seized in other places such as CUHK and other places, the total number has exceeded 10,000. The police said that a total of 5,890 people have been arrested so far, including suspected riots. , illegal assembly, etc. Among them, a total of 1,377 people were arrested in the PolyU incident. CGTN reporters visited the PolyU campus after the "big uproar" - what is it like now? Scarred and shocking. The gate is in ruins:

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In 72 hours, Wu Han has wasted 48 precious hours. Holidays, hospital working hours, and inspection procedures are all destined to him to lose more hours.⊙々Original title: Lalin Railway crosses Brahmaputra for the second time⊥CGTN anchor Liu Xin came to the streets of Central, Hong Kong's financial district on Thursday morning (28th) to interview people's views on the Hong Kong law signed by the US President. An Englishman who has lived in Hong Kong for 28 years expressed his viewshMpi9Wy

Original title: US media: Artist Gao Yixiang recorded sudden death of variety show "life-threatening" reality show sparked outragedvhsSpLYZhang Jun's speech was written by himself. It was handwritten, and later, word for word was transcribed into the computer.monero price graph【recognize low】

Notice! E-ticket reimbursement certificate, as a valuable document certified by the national tax department, can only be processed once. Therefore, it is recommended that passengers print the reimbursement certificate as needed and keep it properly to prevent loss.Every time the inspection team arrives at a checkpoint, they carefully read the relevant certificates and licenses, check the relevant data ledger, conduct a comprehensive investigation on the purchase channels, inspection and quarantine, etc., and publicize the knowledge of plague prevention and control, so that the operators can master the basics of plague prevention and control. knowledge to enhance self-protection ability.№At today's event, Han Kuo-yu was interviewed by the media. He reiterated that the people of Taiwan can see clearly that if you use dirty means in elections, there will be corruption after ruling. A virtuous circle, or a vicious circle. He also criticized that the election of leaders and "legislators" in Taiwan in 2020 has never been so dirty in Taiwan for decades. (China Taiwan Net Jia Ruolan)∏u0wuf

According to the "Opinions", for other enterprises that do not have the ability, they should entrust capable enterprises or institutions to provide long-term, tailored training and assessment services. In this regard, it is required that the entrusted institution must enter the enterprise, and design the training and examination content in a targeted manner according to the actual situation on the spot, and cannot "one general course to conquer the world".☆Leading the people in a great social revolution and at the same time leading the whole party in a great self-revolution to achieve self-purification, self-improvement, self-innovation, and self-improvement is the distinctive feature that distinguishes our party from other political parties, and it is our party's long-lasting prosperity. The internal reason is that our party can govern for a long time and insist on and continuously improve the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China made major institutional arrangements for upholding and improving the supervision system of the party and the state, marking that our party's understanding of promoting self-revolution and maintaining advanced and pure under the conditions of long-term governance has reached a new height.≌【Temple Oranges】hdwJr

The report said that reality TV shows have become very popular in China in recent years, especially online. According to official statistics, a total of 385 online variety shows were launched in China in 2018, nearly double the number in 2017.∑dHhXQt

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