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According to Uncle Dao’s research, the inspection objects mainly include the following aspects: First, the annual work priorities of the party committees and governments at all levels, such as several livelihood pain points listed in the annual work plan, the inspection will naturally have to keep up; In addition, for a period of time, the masses reacted strongly; the third is the instructions of the main leaders.

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Beijing News (Reporter Li Yukun) By the end of next year, 98% of household toilets in Beijing will meet the requirements of sanitary toilets, 99% of household waste in administrative villages will be treated, and the coverage rate of rural sewage treatment facilities in villages will exceed 50%.⊙々The income here is twice that of the domestic one, and there is free room and board. Two years ago, Lao Xu left his wife and children in his hometown in Jiangsu and moved into a temporary barracks next to the stadium. The room facilities were poor, but he didn't complain, just worked hard. At night he can surf the Internet or watch Chinese movies. Xu rarely goes out for shopping, leaving the construction area only two or three times a week to buy the food and equipment he needs.⊥Response: 55% of villages covered by 2022VKZjjYP

——Some care more about professional counterparts. Lai Zhiwen, a composite materials and engineering student at Tianjin University of Technology, is a fourth-year undergraduate student and has been thinking about how to choose a city recently. "From the situation around me, how young people choose a city is related to their own growth environment. For example, most of the younger generation born in big cities are willing to make compromises in the direction of work, because staying in a big city they are familiar with will make their The difficulty of survival is significantly lower than that of young people from outside. On the contrary, young people born in rural areas or small cities are more concerned about whether the city can provide 'professional counterparts' jobs, because it is conducive to exerting their expertise and establishing a foothold in the city as soon as possible." Lai Zhiwen said that nowadays young people choose where to migrate and settle down more and more rationally, and they will consider comprehensively, and fewer and fewer people are out of extreme love or blind obedience to a certain city.znwVhResponse: "Every village has public transportation" has been realizedbinance api request weight【again】

In the era of big changes, but still like to point fingers, then you can see, more insults will happen, and it will be more exciting. How about it, don't you bet five cents?"Through both clarification and rectification of names and strict management and investigation, on the one hand, cadres will be empowered and motivated, and on the other hand, they will release a strong signal of strict governance of the party, so as to create a political ecology that is turbulent, clear and upright. " said Pang Xinpei, member of the Standing Committee of the Luqiao District Committee, Secretary of the District Disciplinary Committee, and Director of the District Supervision Committee.№In July 2018, when Wang Hui was in charge of reporting the planting area of crops in Tongxing Village, he mistakenly reported the 127 mu of soybeans planted by villager Zhang as 127 mu of corn, and it was not until Zhang received the subsidy that the misreporting problem was discovered. Due to the big difference in the subsidy standards for the two types of crops, the villager Zhang received a subsidy of 37,500 yuan. In September 2019, Wang Hui was warned and punished by the party.∏hdDK

On November 6, 2019, the Hainan Provincial People's Procuratorate handed over the case to the Haikou City People's Procuratorate for review and prosecution. On November 13, 2019, the Haikou City People's Procuratorate made a decision to arrest the criminal suspect Deng Min on suspicion of accepting bribes. The case is being further processed.☆Prosecutorial oversight is not a zero-sum game≌【monument】HVoo27

To establish and improve the agricultural support and protection system, we must adhere to the priority development of agriculture and rural areas, take the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy as the general starting point, and start from the structural reform of the agricultural supply side, sustainable agricultural development, agricultural investment guarantee, agricultural subsidies and compensation, and the management of the use of agricultural funds. We will deepen reforms in other areas, gradually build an agricultural support and protection system that is in line with national conditions, has comprehensive coverage, clear directions, prominent priorities, supporting measures, and easy operation, and continuously enhances the precision, stability, and effectiveness of the policy of strengthening agriculture, benefiting agriculture, and enriching peasants.∑KzTO9Q7

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