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The person in charge of the relevant local Cyberspace Administration pointed out that the website of Vision China and ICphoto violated the relevant laws, regulations and management requirements of the national Internet. They engaged in Internet news information services without obtaining an Internet news information service license. Enterprises carry out cooperation involving Internet news information service business, which seriously disrupts the order of network communication. In response to the above problems, the two websites must strictly abide by laws and regulations, earnestly fulfill their corporate responsibilities, conduct comprehensive self-examination and self-correction of violations of laws and regulations, and ensure that similar problems do not occur again.

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"My pain is all caused by you." - "I am deeply guilty" "I can't bear you". In addition to the collapse, Xiaowen conducted WeChat forensics, and on December 6th, he exposed the whole thing in detail by posting a long post on the self-media.⊙々U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced on December 9 that they found 11 Chinese nationals hidden in furniture in a truck at the San Ysidro port.⊥Wang Shihao believes that if Xiaomi's products are accepted by the Japanese market, it will help increase global sales.NvQM9kk

My only hope is that the ugliness behind this budget will cause enough disgust and alarm to avoid repeating it in the future.22sypIn October, China Development Bank held a meeting at the head office, announcing that Ouyang Weimin, vice governor of Guangdong Province, succeeded Zheng Zhijie as the new president of China Development Bank.cyrus token kucoin【greed】

China News Agency, Beijing, December 11 (Huang Yuqin) In response to the "suspended" of the WTO Appellate Body due to the obstruction of the selection of new judges by the United States, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a regular press conference on the 11th that the paralysis of the Appellate Body may bring irreparable damage and unforeseen consequences.The mainland's "13th Five-Year Plan" mentioned that it will expand personnel exchanges across the strait, improve policies and measures for the treatment of Taiwan compatriots, and continue to introduce "31 measures" and "26 measures." A few days ago, some Taiwanese scholars suggested that the mainland should not "ignore" Taiwan in the "14th Five-Year Plan". Will the mainland still seek opinions from a wider group of Taiwanese businessmen when formulating the "14th Five-Year Plan"? What measures will be introduced on the current basis to promote the integrated development of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait? thanks.№Chen Binhua said that the 13 measures and the 12 measures involving Taiwan enterprises in the "31 measures" we introduced last year are in the same line in concept, which is to highlight the concept of "one family on both sides of the strait", embodying equal treatment, and at the same time advancing with the times. Expanded the scope of benefits and increased the gold content. In a nutshell, there are three highlights:∏XpLDsn8N

Thank you Madam President,☆Indonesian netizen Ai Luzhai said that some Western countries just like to interfere in other countries' internal affairs, undermine the stability and unity of other countries, and spread all kinds of rumors. Netizen Andro said that the media and the press should convey fair and unbiased information. Some Western media reports are full of anti-China remarks, probably for their own selfish interests.≌【Zhang to】e0WM

According to Caijing magazine, he is the nephew of Zhao Zhengyong, the former secretary of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee.∑Gbyw

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