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The political circle (WeChat ID: wepolitics) saw that the article listed some data to illustrate the problem:

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Original title: The German Liberal Democratic Party also came to join in the fun: stop the aid loan to China⊙々Ho Iat Seng, Chief Executive-designate of the Macao Special Administrative Region:⊥This quintessential London street begins in a narrow pedestrian alley, widens past a traditional pub and beautiful Victorian storefronts, and then onto one of the city's most colourful residential streets, all slanted Villas and impressive mansions.PaoA8

Japanese companies have rich experience in extracting rice oil from rice bran. Japanese distributors who cooperate with Yihai Kerry Group introduced that the Japanese rice oil market is growing rapidly, with an annual market size of 8 billion to 9 billion yen. Mu Yankui, president of Yihai Kerry Arowana Co., Ltd., said that China, the world's largest rice producer, has a large market space for producing rice oil.CuJKIYes, in the manifesto, one sentence, and no word "threat" at all. It is conceivable that some media have exaggerated this sentence to mean that NATO regards China as a threat, which is an extension of the word "challenge".yayoi kusama usa【break】

Extremists are rampantThe Spodoptera frugiperda that invaded my country in 2019 is of the corn type, and the main crop it harms is corn. Therefore, there is a view that the Spodoptera frugiperda corn type mainly feeds on tall stalk crops and has little effect on short-planted crops.№According to my country's "Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases", animal epidemic prevention agencies and disease prevention and control agencies shall promptly notify each other of zoonotic infectious disease outbreaks and related information between animals and humans. Relevant departments of the people's government, disease prevention and control institutions, medical institutions, blood collection and supply institutions, and their staff members that are responsible for reporting the epidemic situation of infectious diseases shall not conceal, falsely report, or delay reporting the epidemic situation of infectious diseases. In addition, the publication of information on the epidemic situation of infectious diseases shall be timely and accurate.∏bRKv

In addition, the management regulations also propose that if the rental housing is concentrated for others to live in, and the number of rental rooms exceeds 10, or the number of rental beds exceeds 10, the lessor shall establish a corresponding management system in accordance with the safety regulations for public activity venues, and determine the management personnel, register relevant information, and implement public security responsibilities.☆852 Road≌【Buddhism】ZWkY

Although the 96 people this time were confirmed to have latent infection, this type of infection can be cured and is unlikely to be life-threatening, but the outbreak from the laboratory is no trivial matter. In view of the possible irregularities and unprofessional situations in this matter, relevant parties should conduct a comprehensive and objective investigation, and promptly disclose the relevant epidemic situation and investigation progress to respond to public doubts and prevent panic from spreading in society.∑wM5lzAi

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