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Chen Guoping, a senior lecturer at the Republic of Singapore Polytechnic, told the first financial reporter that vertical farms are a good practice for urban agriculture, but there are too many manufacturers of related equipment, and there are problems of technical standards confusion, including lighting, ventilation, air conditioning and no Artificial pollination under insect environment, such as different requirements for light, difficult to control, easy to cause growers to waste time by trial and error; on the other hand, the scale of vertical farms in Singapore is generally not large, and the output is also very limited. The farm only cultivates organic fruits and vegetables for the high-end market and the mother and baby market, and does not involve food production. The problems that can be solved are still limited, and there are still many areas that need continuous improvement in the future.

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Violence is still going on, the rioters are still creating "black terror", and they are still destroying transportation facilities across Hong Kong, posing a serious threat to social peace, personal safety of citizens and the normal election environment. Since the rioters and anti-China rioting politicians always want "democracy and freedom", they should stop the violence immediately, stop the interference and sabotage of the election, and don't become a stumbling block to democracy. In the face of the interference and damage caused by violence to the election, the SAR government has the responsibility to take a strong response to ensure that candidates can conduct normal election activities in a fair and safe environment, to ensure that polling stations can operate safely and smoothly on the polling day, and to ensure that more than 4 million voters can Voting is conducted without the threat of violent and terrorist interference, so that the rights and interests of voters are fully guaranteed.⊙々[Global Times-Global Web Reporter Zhang Hui] On November 20, 2019, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang hosted a regular press conference. The following is a partial transcript.⊥Kuomintang 2020 candidate Han Kuo-yu has been warmly welcomed by supporters wherever he goes since he launched his "Listening Tour" campaign in mid-October, but his popularity in the polls has not improved. Taiwanese media interpret this phenomenon as " Spiral of Silence", indicating that many voters are still on the sidelines.oct34

Although live pig production was weak in the first half of the year, monitoring data showed that in September and October, the decline in Henan's live pig inventory had been contained.MHtPPThe attitude control accuracy is better than 0.0005°/s, and the three-axis attitude determination accuracy is better than 2 arcseconds. The micro-vibration path is optimized and suppressed, and the uncontrolled positioning accuracy of the image is better than 20m, and the orientation in the scene is stable; the phase change thermal control is adopted. The material realizes the temperature control of the focal plane to ensure the radiation accuracy.binance us maker and taker fees【burning lamp】

Original title: Rizhao-Lankao high-speed railway Rizhao-Qufu section opened for operation on November 26organic pork№The National Health and Health Commission and many departments recently announced the "Notice on Further Promoting the Healthy Development of Unpaid Blood Donation". All localities should explore the incorporation of unpaid blood donation into the social credit reporting system, and establish a voluntary blood donation incentive mechanism that effectively connects individuals, units, and society. Provide preferential treatment to those who use public facilities, etc.∏mgsz7Rae

To be fair, McAfee isn't claiming that "dematerialization" will solve climate change. He also acknowledged that dematerialization works for some commodities but not others. For example, the use of plastics is increasing.☆China Taiwan Net, November 24th, according to Taiwan's "Dongsen News Cloud" report, Hon Hai Group founder Guo Taiming previously threw out the "0 to 6 years old Taiwanese government support" policy in the 2020 primary election of the Kuomintang, and Han Guoyu also proposed a few days ago. The "666 Parenting Policy" has completed and improved Guo Taiming's political views, and mixed his own ideas. Tsai Ing-wen once criticized Guo Taiming's political views as "an unbearable financial burden", but announced the same policy on the 22nd, saying that within four years, the scope of child care will be expanded, the allowance will be doubled, the age will be increased by two years, and It has the same direction as the "666 Parenting Policy". In this regard, Han Guoyu responded in an interview on the 23rd, "I am very happy to see that Tsai Ing-wen is willing to follow our policy." The South Korea Yu advisory group said that a press conference will be held next week to announce the complete policy content.≌【now】KntHOgYD

And subverting Hong Kong and containing China is a bigger chess game for some American politicians. They want to use the riots to set off a "color revolution" in Hong Kong, undermine "one country, two systems", undermine the great cause of the reunification of the Chinese nation, and then continue to consume China and contain the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.∑PwTS

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