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Yuan Daxiang: "By working hard in the kiwi orchard, one person earns one or two thousand yuan a month, or more than 10,000 yuan in a year. Life is about the same."⊙々[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to Hong Kong's "Ta Kung Pao" report on the 13th, the "612 Foundation", which claims to be backed by thugs, recently posted on Facebook, claiming that a riot case requires at least HK.8 million in legal fees, and the fund will soon run out. Tell the thugs who turn to him to apply for official legal aid first. According to Ta Kung Pao, this move has sparked infighting among violent elements. Some thugs who had donated money to the foundation criticized the foundation for its hypocrisy and asked the foundation, "What is the purpose of raising money?"⊥1. "Pigs are strong" until after the first quarter of next yeargCrbeboT

Han Kuo-yu has been criticized as "running mayor" since he ran for the leadership of Taiwan, and Kaohsiung has no political achievements. Therefore, he recently showed his report card on Facebook every morning. The first report card is "Kaohsiung, the goods are out." The MOU orders made the export value of agricultural products in the first ten months of 630 million yuan (NTD), a surge of 191%, and the export volume doubled.bHIg3As we enter the next phase of the digital age, these fiber optic connections will play a key role in the most groundbreaking and innovative applications of the future. If the United States is to remain competitive, it needs to take planned steps to close the digital divide and bring robust connectivity to all of its citizens.tether corporation【astonished】

Video - Colleague recalls the 34-year-old Gansu poverty alleviation female cadre who fell into the river: "I have suffered a lot after coming to the unit for 4 years"The reporter learned from the National Space Administration that the "Yutu 2" lunar rover, which is performing an exploration mission on the back of the moon, has been operating on the moon for more than 340 days so far, making it the lunar rover with the longest working time on the lunar surface.№The report was jointly completed by the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission of China, LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Coal Chemical Industry Group. Starting from the perspectives of technology, cost, path, support, model and benefit, it pointed out that photovoltaics will become the most important technology in China in the future. source of electricity, and will greatly help China and the world to curb climate change and achieve sustainable development.∏oCs1LoV

Cao Haibo, inspector of the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment and director of the Xiongan New Area Ecology and Environment Bureau, said that the new area adheres to the "iron fist" of pollution control, has "zero tolerance" for violations of the laws and regulations of the projects (enterprises) on the positive list of ecological environment supervision, and dares to focus on violations at the first time. The project eliminates the positive list, and guides each project to take the positive model as an example and the negative model as a warning to ensure high-standard and high-quality construction of the project. In the next step, Xiong'an New District will establish and improve the green construction standard system, optimize the dynamic adjustment mechanism of the positive list, and ensure that the project construction achieves the goals of protecting the blue sky, people's livelihood, and development.☆According to the CCTV Military Channel, the troops are stationed in four camps at the new port in Macau, Taipa and Zhengling and Hongwan in Zhuhai.≌【Mengwei】gaciod

Original title: Multi-evaluation of quality training new college entrance examination requires more rulers to "quantify" talents∑hdnsIePD

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