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Original title: In order to increase the training of non-party cadres, Hangzhou plans to promote a democratic party cadre by exception

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In order to stabilize the market, all localities and departments are encouraging more pig farming. In the past two months, the stock of live pigs and fertile sows have both stopped falling and rebounded. Although the price of pigs is still rising, the rise has come down, giving the "foodies" a big reassurance.⊙々China News Agency, Paris, December 12. The mainstream French media "Remarks" published an interview with Chinese Ambassador to France Lu Shaye on the 11th. In the interview, Lu Shaye talked about Xinjiang issues. Lu Shaye pointed out that people in Western countries do not have a complete understanding of the situation in Xinjiang, and they are misled by the media. Instead of presenting the whole truth to the public, the media just chose some so-called "truths" that would benefit their policies.⊥According to the ban, those who burn straws and fallen leaves in the open to produce smoke and dust pollute agricultural and forestry wastes shall be ordered to make corrections by the competent agricultural and rural departments of each district, and may be fined between 500 yuan and 2,000 yuan; illegal burning of electronic waste, linoleum, rubber, plastic, Leather, asphalt, garbage and other substances that produce poisonous and harmful, foul odor or strong peculiar smell shall be ordered by the comprehensive administrative law enforcement department of each district to make corrections, the unit shall be fined not less than 10,000 yuan but not more than 100,000 yuan, and the individual shall be fined not less than 500 yuan and 2,000 yuan. Those who refuse to accept or seriously hinder the supervision and management of straw and garbage burning prohibition supervision and management personnel to perform their official duties shall be punished by the public security organs in accordance with relevant regulations; if a crime is constituted, they shall be transferred to judicial organs for investigation of relevant criminal responsibilities according to law.63g0X

Overseas Network, December 13th. On the morning of the 13th, the Finance Committee of the Hong Kong Legislative Council continued to discuss issues related to the annual civil servant salary adjustment and the application for civil servant salary increase funding, including the Hong Kong police's overtime allowance. Statistics show that in the past six months, the Hong Kong Police Force received an average of about 11,000 overtime allowances per month, and the expenditure was about HK0 million.oJY7CgEOOn October 25 this year, AWS, the cloud computing system owned by Amazon, was kicked out of a bid for a billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract by the Department of Defense.usdt binance scam【study rabbit】

Chen Zhi, director of the training center of the Beijing Emergency Center, reminded that during the use of AEDs, attention should also be paid to the evacuation of personnel, because the working principle of AEDs is to provide high-energy current for electric shock and defibrillation, and to avoid other accidents. If someone else shakes the patient's body during the AED analysis, the AED will cause a false analysis. If someone else touches the patient's body when the AED is discharging, it may cause an electric shock and interfere with the normal work of the AED."This electronic map optimizes the map retrieval effect by setting the keyword of 'clump burial site', helping the general public to find the location information of the burial site more intuitively, and providing the masses with accurate map navigation services." Public Affairs of AutoNavi Software Co., Ltd. Zhou Bin, director of the department, told reporters that "targeted optimization" is to enter the keyword "cluster burial ground" after locating Nanjing through system settings, and AutoNavi will give priority to pushing the relevant information of 19 burial sites and memorial sites, which is convenient and quick to obtain. .№Experts said that the minimum wage is a social policy with a "back to the bottom" nature, and it is also an important embodiment of protecting the rights and interests of workers. "According to our previous research, raising the minimum wage has a certain positive effect on raising the wage level of low-income groups. But at the same time, we should also note that excessively raising the minimum wage may have a negative impact on the low-income groups, especially the low-income young labor force. Crowding out employment, thereby reducing the employment rate of low-income groups. From the perspective of development experience, the minimum wage is about 40% of the average social wage in the region, and it should be based on the local economic development level, price level, and unemployment rate. Changes in such indicators are adjusted every once in a while." Li Ling said in an interview with this reporter.∏lTPmYNKR

Source: China Daily☆On December 12, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau held a symposium on the city's public security organs serving the development of the private economy and police enterprises. The Paper ( learned from the meeting that as of November this year, the city's public security organs have received consultations from private enterprises for 14.5 Since more than 10,000 cases, more than 510,000 enterprises have been visited, more than 180,000 door-to-door services have been provided, more than 14,000 enterprise-related problems have been solved, and 905 special crackdown and rectification actions have been carried out in enterprise-related cases, recovering the loss of 1.85 billion yuan.≌【jumping magnetic】6CoGnz

And anyone who tries to get around the US confiscating their possessions can be fined for up to a million US dollars. It's for this reason the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act has been called a money grab.∑k4Zf

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