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Original title: Media Paper | China Reporter Network disclosed: 4 news units have been suspended from issuing press cards this year

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Ambassador Cong: First of all, I would like to stress that Xinjiang affairs are purely China's internal affairs. Some Western media smear the Xinjiang Vocational Skills Education and Training Center as "the Chinese government's suppression of Muslims and Uyghurs", which is completely wrong. The establishment of education and training centers in Xinjiang is to help people who have been "brainwashed" by violent, terrorist and extremist ideology to get rid of the influence of extremist ideology and terrorism, and improve their professional skills, not a so-called "re-education camp". The education and training center has set up teaching courses with the main content of learning the national common language, legal knowledge, vocational skills and de-radicalization. Xinjiang has not had a single violent terrorist incident for three consecutive years, and citizens' basic human rights have been guaranteed to the greatest extent possible.⊙々Pop-ups are a way of promotion. Sometimes, pop-up windows are helpful for people to shop online and browse information, but in general, the proliferation of pop-up windows is a "nuisance". When the web page you want to see is blocked and the product you want to buy is hidden, this kind of "screen tyrant" pop-up window often gives people a feeling of boredom.⊥What does the law say?vFUwZ

The governor of Chang'an Avenue (WeChat ID: Capitalnews) noticed that there were many "post-00s" visitors. Zhang Fengmingyi, a freshman majoring in government management at Beijing Normal University, told the governor that although she did not study law, she had always been a member of the procuratorate. Work is very curious.9EUIFxNResume of Peng Hongbinance labs incubation【Lai Mystery】

This bizarre conclusion has puzzled many netizens, and they have begun to correct a large number of fallacies in the above paragraph.Q: According to reports, on November 30, the results of the Namibian national election were announced, and President Geingob won 56. 3% of the votes to win re-election. What is China's comment?№Source: China Discipline Inspection and Supervision News∏icWr

In this report titled "Why do Ukrainian neo-Nazis join the protests on the streets of Hong Kong", the Russian Satellite News Agency pointed out that the four Ukrainian men who appeared on the streets of Hong Kong with "Nazi symbols" tattooed on their necks were Members of a group of far-right neo-Nazi militia groups "Azov Battalion" and "Right Sektor" raised by the U.S. CIA during the Ukrainian "color revolution" coup in 2014.☆This way of "I helped him, he thanked me" made the interests of Zhuge Huiyan and some bosses more and more tightly bound, and the ideological dam of resisting corruption and preventing change began to collapse.≌【Hey Jia】LKHq

On December 3, in response to the decision of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to impose sanctions on five US NGOs the day before, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Carrie Lam, announced that the relevant matters are foreign affairs, and the SAR government will cooperate and follow up in accordance with the requirements of the central government.∑DaFcP7Bb

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