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On the one hand, more and more big cities are rising rapidly, providing people with more options; on the other hand, young people have increasingly diverse and rational selection criteria. How will these affect population mobility and urban development patterns?

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China Government Network reported on the 26th that on November 25th, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, presided over a special meeting on the preparation of the 14th Five-Year Plan for the study and deployment of national economic and social development.⊙々Facts are facts, but Americans can't sit still.⊥Another high-speed rail project mainly built with local investment in Shandong, the Lunan (Japan-Lanzhou) high-speed rail was officially put into operation.GUujI

To strengthen the construction of agricultural science and technology socialized service system, we must focus on increasing the effective supply of agricultural science and technology services and strengthening the connection between supply and demand, aiming at improving the efficiency of agricultural science and technology services, promoting the service innovation of agricultural technology extension institutions, and strengthening the service functions of universities and research institutes , strengthen the market-oriented socialized service force, and accelerate the construction of an agricultural science and technology socialized service system that is open to competition, diversified and complementary, and coordinated and efficient.2g2juC4WZhang Xiaoqiang said that although there are still differences to be resolved in the negotiations, considering the common needs of China and the EU to strengthen investment cooperation, this agreement is expected to be reached in 2020.elrond evm【box toss】

Of course, new questions arise: If robots replace all nurses and kindergarten teachers, how will China's more than 1.3 billion people be employed? Scholars pointed out that the research and development direction of artificial intelligence is to undertake the dirtiest, most tiring and most difficult tasks, so that people can concentrate on creation, innovation, and brewing unique products. On the other hand, if robots replace humans in all fields, then we will only have to enjoy life and focus on leisure.According to public information, Lei Fanpei was born in May 1963 in Heyang, Shaanxi Province. He has worked in the aerospace system for a long time. In May 2014, he served as the party secretary and chairman of the Aerospace Science and Technology Group. In March last year, he was changed to the chairman of China Shipbuilding Industry. ,Party secretary.№After investigation, Huo Jianshe, as a party member and leading cadre, lost his ideals and beliefs, deviated from his sense of purpose, turned a deaf ear to party discipline and state laws, and accepted other people's property in the process of cadre selection and appointment; Running a business and running an enterprise, occupying the vehicles of the original subordinate units, interfering in construction projects; abusing power and acting as a "protective umbrella" for underworld forces; practicing favoritism and fraud, causing particularly heavy losses to national interests; corrupting life style and causing adverse effects. Serious violation of the Party's discipline, constitutes an illegal position and is suspected of taking bribes, taking advantage of influence to accept bribes, and abusing power.∏0he76

The upper and lower parts of the epitaph are square, 80 cm in length and 18 cm in thickness, and have a bluestone texture. The inscription has a total of 1445 characters and the font is italic. It records in detail the inheritance and development of the family since the Bai family moved to Nanhe from Yuci County, Shanxi in the early Ming Dynasty. The prelude class of Lu Temple, the attendant of the scriptures and banquets, the later calendar official Guanglu Temple Code Book, the Shanxi Secretary of the Ministry of Housing, the Shaoqing of Taipu Temple, and the Minister of Taipu Temple. At the same time, it also records in detail the fact that after the death of Bai Xiangxian's father, Ding You later returned to his hometown, where he actively resisted the Qing army and was killed.☆The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued the "Interim Measures for the Management of the List of Seriously Untrustworthy Persons in the Social Insurance Field". Anyone who falsely claims social insurance or fails to register for social insurance in accordance with the law will be included in the list of seriously untrustworthy persons in social insurance, and will be announced on relevant media. and implement joint disciplinary action.≌【Yaoya】w0fb

"It should be said that as a Communist Party member with more than 40 years of party experience, Huo Jianshe also had a studious and progressive youth, a hard-working youth and a proud and glorious experience." People say.∑ek1N3

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