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Bloomberg reporter:

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Full-time external director of a central enterprise⊙々The second set is data about students. According to the news released by the Hong Kong Secretary of Home Affairs a few days ago, 5,890 people have been arrested due to the "turbulence of amendments to the bill", of which nearly 40% are 2,345 students and 910 are minors.⊥"Limited profit" policy extends from price-limited housing to commercial housingPp9QQYF

Original title: Action Plan for Shenzhen Pilot Demonstration Zone: The right to approve permanent residence for foreigners may be decentralizedjyJcVdLYesterday (12th), the China Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center successfully recovered the wild introduced giant panda "Qiao Qiao" and its cubs through trapping in Tiantai Mountain, Wolong, Sichuan. Physical examinations showed that the mother and child were in good health.helium gas mr diy【Manggi】

"As a beneficiary of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, I am very grateful to the party and the state for doing practical and good deeds for our people, as well as the selfless dedication of hundreds of thousands of immigrants thousands of miles away." Zhao Feiyan said excitedly.Phoenix TV reporter:№Original title: Huawei plans to introduce Hongmeng system to more products in 2020∏g2Aai

Many industry experts said that the original intention of setting up AED devices in public spaces is to hope that ordinary people can help patients in critical situations. AEDs have a full set of voice prompts. As long as you master basic first aid skills and follow the prompts, you can It may significantly improve the survival rate of cardiac arrest patients. Zhang Yuanchun, an emergency doctor who is engaged in first aid popularization, believes that in modern society, first aid is not only a professional skill for doctors, but a general skill that every citizen should master. It is not enough to just operate the AED, you also need to learn how to judge a person needs to use an AED.☆Original title: Black-clothed thugs smashed the bus late at night, Hong Kong police chased hundreds of meters to arrest the murderer≌【under】5w0iA

Richard Wolfe, a professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, lays out the root cause:∑FM1a

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