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Original title: Beijing has rectified audit problems amounting to 6.1 billion yuan⊙々The umbrella he was carrying when he was intercepted and checked was also deliberately modified. After pulling the umbrella canopy, the umbrella pole with a length of 47 cm was exposed. .⊥Finally, I want to stress again that we will continue to do our own affairs well, implement our Xinjiang policy, and continue to develop and build Xinjiang well. Xinjiang's continued prosperity and stability, ethnic unity, and social harmony are the most powerful response to individual media and individuals. We advise individual Western media and personalities to abandon their inherent prejudices and obsessions as soon as possible, and make real efforts to deepen their people's understanding of Xinjiang, rather than using despicable means to hype up Xinjiang-related issues and cut and fabricate Xinjiang's rumors and lies.gTrILM

After the adjustment, it is stipulated that enterprises, institutions and other producers and operators in the industries of urban public transport, road transportation, sanitation, postal services, express delivery, taxis, etc., have more than 20 registered vehicles in their own units, and vehicles that have passed the emission inspection within a natural year. If the number exceeds 10% of the number of registered vehicles, or the same vehicle is fined more than five times in a natural year because it does not meet the emission standards, the ecological environment department shall impose a fine of 10,000 yuan on the person in charge directly responsible for it and other directly responsible personnel. A fine of not less than 50,000 yuan but not more than 50,000 yuan.FXIWHE7However, on the evening of February 1, the Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued a decision to issue a warning letter to Dong Mingzhu. Before the disclosure of Gree Electric's 2018 annual performance forecast, it announced its operating income and net profit at the general meeting of shareholders. The behavior of the information is warned.planting a cryptomeria tree【pox】

China News Service, Berlin, November 26 (Reporter Peng Dawei) China Railway Container Europe Logistics Co., Ltd. held an unveiling ceremony and market promotion meeting in Duisburg, Germany on the 26th local time.He suggested that the SAR government should release authoritative information to the world in a timely manner to clarify the objective truth of the incident, and not allow those slanderous words to circulate in the international community.№These two changes reflect the transformation of Alibaba from an e-commerce company into a digital economy with a huge business territory in the past five years.∏l0uuXh

Beijing News reporter Li Yukun☆Deng Fei said that education in Hong Kong has not made young people more familiar with the current national conditions and development of China, but has created an ideological or emotional vacuum for young people.≌【coffee】r4ckrD

Regarding the slanderous remarks made by some foreign politicians with ulterior motives on the human rights and freedoms in Hong Kong, Deng Fei said that since returning to the motherland, Hong Kong has been continuously expanding and enriching freedom, democratic rights and the practice of the rule of law. During the colonial rule before the handover, the Hong Kong Governor appointed by the United Kingdom had absolute power, and the executive, legislative, and judicial powers were all under his control. At that time, the political freedom and democratic rights of Hong Kong people were incomparable to those of today.∑Oqjg

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