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The "Procuratorial Daily" once published an article stating that the designation of jurisdiction and off-site trials is conducive to eliminating some drawbacks and interference, avoiding the interpersonal influence of officials in their original positions, and ensuring the investigation and fair trial of cases in accordance with the law.

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It is forbidden to use the three underground floors and below to set up office space⊙々Undertake the management of equipment manufacturing industry;⊥Affected by this, the price of second-hand housing in this area has also slowly dropped from a high of 50,000-60,000 yuan/square meter last year to the current 40,000-50,000 yuan/square meter.wINQdWQ

In the early morning of the next day, at the ramp crossing of S20 from west to east to S2 Hulu Expressway about 2 kilometers, the road sign marked "Shanghai Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area" has been replaced early. Two weeks later, on August 20, the Lingang New Area of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone was officially unveiled.myzQloAfter leaving home, Xu called her and asked her to give herself another chance, promising not to hit her again. She put Xu's phone number on the blacklist, and Xu used WeChat to find her. After WeChat was also blocked, Xu used the eldest daughter's WeChat, and asked her two daughters and 3-year-old son to take turns to scold her in WeChat voice. , Zhang Xiaoyun had to block his daughter's WeChat account. Unwilling, Xu asked around about Zhang Xiaoyun’s whereabouts. Hearing that she was working in Nantong, Jiangsu, Xu took her eldest daughter to Nantong to “find her mother.” The eldest daughter hung a sign on her chest and knelt in the downtown Nantong. These photos were posted by Xu in his daughter's circle of friends and sixth grade classmates. Zhang Xiaoyun saw her daughter's photos on the Internet and was heartbroken. She called Xu's phone... On July 8, 2016 , Zhang Xiaoyun returned to Chongqing and went to his ex-husband's house to participate in a "family meeting" on the child's upbringing. In order to protect his daughter's safety, Zhang Xiaoyun's parents also attended the meeting. In order to prevent accidents, the family put away all the sharp tools in the house, and also asked Xu's cousin to protect Zhang Xiaoyun. When the ex-husband Xu knelt down again and asked Zhang Xiaoyun to go home, she sternly refused. Violence, apology, compromise, violence again, the same thing keeps repeating. She doesn't want to trust Xu anymore, she wants to get rid of this control. Suddenly, Xu who was sitting on the chair quickly stood up, crossed the coffee table, hugged Zhang Xiaoyun, and bit her nose. More than a dozen relatives of the two families were present. Zhang Xiaoyun was sent to Chongqing Southwest Hospital. Xu did not run away until the police arrived and took him back to the police station. The three children witnessed the whole process of their mother being bitten off by their father. He underwent debridement surgery in the hospital, and the wound on Zhang Xiaoyun's nose healed slowly, but due to the defect of the nose, severe deformity was caused. The nose reconstruction operation was difficult, complicated, frequent and expensive, usually costing 100,000 to 200,000. This is an unbearable number for Zhang Xiaoyun. Fortunately, Zhou Ning, a psychiatrist in Shenzhen, saw Zhang Xiaoyun's news, contacted her, and introduced her to a plastic surgery hospital in Shanghai. After research, the hospital decided to provide Zhang Xiaoyun with free treatment for public welfare. On April 17, 2017, Xu was convicted of intentional injury and sentenced to 6 years in prison and compensated the victim Zhang Xiaoyun 175,218.7 yuan. Nose reconstruction surgery is nearly complete. And Zhang Xiaoyun and her children need more time to get out of the rate of usd to sgd【Hang Therapy】

Affected by this, the price of second-hand housing in this area has also slowly dropped from a high of 50,000-60,000 yuan/square meter last year to the current 40,000-50,000 yuan/square meter."Politics" noticed that the day before Xu Qin's unannounced visit, three areas in Hebei Province were named and notified by the State Office's inspection office because they did not effectively guarantee the masses to stay warm during the winter.№According to the zoning plan, Shijingshan District will form a spatial structure of "one axis and one area, multi-point support, and group coordination".∏i42AqI8

The first is that the Hainan Provincial Government recently issued the "Implementation Plan for the New Round of Household Registration System Reform in Hainan Province (Trial)", which clarifies that Hainan has basically abolished the restrictions on settlement in this province (except Sansha), and residents outside the province can settle down under certain conditions.☆In November, Huo Jianshe was suspected of taking bribes, taking bribes by using influence, and abusing power. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Procuratorate designated jurisdiction, and Baotou City People's Procuratorate filed a public prosecution with Baotou City Intermediate People's Court.≌【delete】frFdcOG

According to the reorganization plan (draft), the manager has signed a reorganization investment agreement with Liaoning Port Group Co., Ltd. on October 31. The agreement will come into effect after the approval of the reorganization plan and other conditions are met. The assets of Dandong port-related enterprises will be divided into two major sectors: port industry assets and port industry assets. Among them, Liaoning Port Group Co., Ltd. plans to invest 4.01 billion yuan to acquire 81.7% of the equity of the port industry sector according to the investment agreement, and the rest of the port industry sector. 18.3% of the equity is held by creditors; all the equity in the port industry sector is held by creditors. In the future, 500 million yuan of investment funds can be invested in the port sector according to the reorganization plan and the reorganization investment agreement, so as to improve the creditors' interest in the port sector. At the same time, relevant parties will inject assets into the Lingang sector and participate in the operation and management of the sector to enhance the value of the assets.∑MPao

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