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Video-Aerial photo rescue process: The collapsed road in Guangzhou is 38 meters deep, and the collapsed area has been covered by water

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1. passenger car⊙々"The main line is to solve the outstanding problems that the people are most looking forward to, the most urgent, and the most worrying, and to improve the regular special crackdown and rectification mechanism." The meeting said that this is the most realistic challenge to actively respond to the complex and ever-changing public security issues, and to improve the public health in the city. One of the requirements for the level of security risk prevention and resolution.⊥Original title: Carry forward the spirit of the Constitution and promote modern governance8D9oc

In February 2017, Yin Hong served as Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, and was elected as an alternate member of the 19th Central Committee in October.MEw7qWhy do the Chinese think this way? China is a big country with a long history and has experienced both prosperous and troubled times. During China's prosperous period, the tributary system was a regional international system, almost equal to the global system at that time. China is a country, a continent, and a "sub-global system" with a high level of governance. In the West, governance is dwarfed as government elections, but you must know that elections are only a small part. What is more important is the level of government governance, whether it is competitive, whether it can bring people a better future, and whether it can respond to social problems. . When it comes to governance, the Chinese government has an extraordinary ability far superior to that of the West.usdt cny otc【camp】

"The military barracks do not have Wi-Fi functions at all. The tablet computers that the defense department buys for platoon-level cadres are basically display screens. If they are off the table, they cannot be used at all." "Legislators" criticized: "The defense department is working Under the circumstance that the environment is not sound, it is negotiable to buy in a hurry."Meng Wanzhou, Vancouver, December 1, 2019№On November 13, the "2019 Guangdong Manufacturing Top 500 Enterprises Research Report" released by the Guangdong Manufacturing Association showed that compared with 2018, the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Foshan decreased by 87, while Dongguan increased by 36 and surpassed Foshan, which was originally ranked before it.∏QYVjUmHH

The picture shows the tablet data map The picture shows the tablet data map☆Original title: Ma Ying-jeou denounced Tsai Ing-wen: Do not recognize the "1992 Consensus", vicious and twisted, disgusting≌【like waves】18VQF0tk

Former Liberal Deputy Prime Minister John Manley said Canada could have refused to arrest Meng Wanzhou and allowed her to travel to Mexico on the grounds of "creative incompetence".∑6RkG

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